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Evektor SportStar LSA

Standard Equipment

Standard equipment configration of a ready to fly SportStar MAX.

SportStar LSA STANDARD Equipment


Engine Instruments

• RPM indicator
• Cylinder head temperature indicator (°C or °F)
• Electric fuel indicator
• Oil temperature indicator (°C or °F)
• Oil pressure indicator (MPa or psi)

Flight Instruments

• Air Speed Indicator (knots or km/h)
• Altimeter (feet or m)
• Magnetic Compass
• Vertical Speed Indicator (ft/min or m/s)
• Bank Indicator

Firewall Forward

• Rotax 912 ULS (100 HP Inclusive Slip Clutch And Airbox)
• Propeller Klassic 1700/3/R, Composite, Ground Adjustable, Spinner
• 12 V Battery
• Exhaust System
• Combined Engine Cooling
• Dry Sump Forced Engine Lubrication
• Two Spark Electronic Ignition System
• Electric Starter
• AC Generator
• Engine Oil Check Cup


• Dual Hydraulic Brakes (4 Pumps)
• Dual Control Sticks
• Mechanical Flaps
• Longitudinal, Lateral, Flaps And Nose Wheel Control Through Push / Pull Rods
• Throttle Control With Friction Lock
• Adjustable Pedals
• New Design Of Instrument Panel
• Press-Button Circuit Breaker
• Nose Wheel Steering
• Combined Starting Switch
• Choke Lever


• Ventilation System With NACA Inlets And Canopy Side Eye-Ball Vents
• Standard Seats With Low Back Rests
• Deluxe Lined Interior
• Four Points Seat Belts
• Padded Seat Belt Shoulder Straps
• Side Map Pockets
• Arm Rests
• Aft Baggage Compartment With Luggage Nets
• "Open / Closed" Canopy Alert
• 12 Volt Auxiliary Outlet


• Advanced All Metal Anodized And Corrosion-Proofed Airframe
• All Joints Of Construction Riveted As Well As Bonded For Long Service Life
• All Heads Filled With Mastic For Longevity Of Riveted Joints
• White Color Painting
• Tricycle Landing Gear With Steerable Nose Wheel
• Main Tires 15x6
• Nose Tire 15x6
• Tinted Canopy With UV Protection
• Automotive Type Latching Mechanism With Separate Canopy Lock
• Integral Wing Tanks 120 L (2x 60 L)


• Ground Equipment
• Canopy Cover
• Pilot Operating Handbook
• Maintenance Manual
• Log Book
• Set Of Aircraft Test Records

Contact Details

AB Flight
Queen City Airport
1730 Vultee St.
Allentown, PA 18103
(610) 762-9909