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AB Flight went above and beyond just teaching me how to fly. From the moment I sat down in the plane with the instructor, I felt like I had made a lifelong friend. Thanks AB Flight, I now have my wings!

- Chris Lewis

About Us

With the introduction of the FAA Sport Pilot Certificate in 2004, AB Flight was founded to support the light sport aviation community. AB Flight focuses on providing Pilot Training, Pilot Examiner services, Aircraft Sales, Light Sport Aircraft Parts and Maintenance, as well as Technical Support for Light Sport maintenance facilities across the United States. Our Pilot Examiner is authorized to administer practical tests to Sport Pilot and Sport Flight Instructor applicants in the United States and all of its territories.


Led by our Chief Flight Instructor Art Tarola, who has well over 7000 flight hours, AB Flight has helped hundreds of people gain their wings and are still flying today. AB Flight strives to continually improve the quality of the flight training experience for our students and all staff members participate in recurrent training. We also work in conjunction with others in the flight training community to share ideas and improve the flight training experience throughout the country. AB Flight is also an authorized Alien Flight Student Training Provider as approved by the TSA.

Our Services at a Glance

> Flight Training
> Instructor Training
> International Student Training
> Evektor Sales
> Evektor Parts
> Evektor Service
> Rotax Engine Heavy Maintenance
> Aircraft Brokerage
> GLEIM Aviation Products Supplier

At AB Flight we exclusively use the Evektor line of Light Sport Aircraft for its unsurpassed strength, reputation, and comfort. We operate out of the Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport 7 days a week.

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Contact Details

AB Flight
Queen City Airport
1730 Vultee St.
Allentown, PA 18103
(610) 762-9909

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