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AB Flight went above and beyond just teaching me how to fly. From the moment I sat down in the plane with the instructor, I felt like I had made a lifelong friend. Thanks AB Flight, I now have my wings!

- Chris Lewis

Flight Training

If you are reading this you have no doubt found yourself having been bit by the flight bug. You as well as millions of others have decided to travel a journey in which you seek to see your world from a different view. Whether you have already learned to fly or are just beginning, we would love to join you on the flying journey that lay before you! To start, should you have any questions about achieving a Sport Pilot certificate, be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for some of the most common questions prospective pilots ask.

Thanks to the 10 year efforts of the EAA "Experimental Aircraft Association" and many others we now have the option for a more affordable and fun way to gain a license to fly. In 2005 saw the birth of the Sport Pilot certificate. Before we get in depth with our flight training program, let's have a glance at the difference between the Sport Pilot certificate vs. the Private Pilot License.

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At AB Flight, we are with you from start to finish in achieving your Sport Pilot certificate. We offer everything from Ground School training material, the Practical Test, and even helping you purchase your very own airplane! From our instructors to our Certified Pilot Examiner we have all the right tools to get you off the ground and achieve your goal of flying. We are also a certified seller for Gleim Aviation products.


Summary of Requirements from Start to Finish

1) Be at least 17 years of age
2) A valid US Driver's License or 3rd Class Medical1
3) Pass a Knowledge Test
4) Log 15 Hours Dual Instruction / 5 Hours Solo2
5) Fly One Solo Cross-Country Flight3
6) Pass an FAA Practical Test with Pilot Examiner

AB Flight is also a certified International Student/Registered Alien Flight Trainer.
Click here for details related to international flight students.

As a Sport Pilot you may:

1) Act as pilot in command of a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) or existing production aircraft (standard airworthiness certificate) and experimental amateur-built aircraft that meet the criteria of a light-sport aircraft.

2) Fly cross-country anywhere in the US and up to 10,000 feet above mean sea level (MSL) or 2,000 feet above ground level, whichever is lowest.

3) Fly solo or with one passenger. Share operating expenses with another person.

4) Fly in all types of controlled airspace with the appropriate training.

Our Flight Training Rate

Now it's time to show you that learning to fly can be fun and affordable!
Training Material: Purchase GLEIM® Sport Pilot Kit
Instruction Rate: $40.00/hr
SportStar or Harmony wet (With Fuel): $100.00/hr
That's it, NO hidden fees, surcharges, or surprises! Call us today and find out why so many people choose AB Flight for their flight training needs.

1) Applicant may not use their driver's license to meet the requirement if the FAA has denied, revoked, or suspended their medical certificate or application.
2) 20 Hours Total Time is the FAA minimum, however some prospective pilots feel more comfortable with extra dual training.
3) Cross-Country Solo Flight with a total distance of at least 75 nautical miles to two different destinations, each coming to a complete stop.

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