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Evektor Service Bulletins

Number Date Description
SportStar 018a SR 1.12.2011 Rotax alert service bulletin - possible occurence of crack formation on crankshaft.
SportStar 017a SR 11.7.2011 Inspection of Nicopress clamps pressing on the rudder control cables
SportStar 015a 23.06.2010 Only the SportStar airplanes fitted with an autopilot: Modification of fabric boot attachment to the rods and trimming of shape of the right upholstery panel.
SportStar 014a 23.06.2010 Inspection and change of hoses attachment in the area of hand control system.
SportStar 013b 12.11.2009 Installation of a barrier between pilot's and co-pilot's rudder pedals.
SportStar 012b 22.07.2009 Installation of Matco wheels and brakes as alternative to standard wheels / brakes.
SportStar 012a 08.08.2008 Additional installation of lever stops of autopilot servos.
SportStar 011b 22.06.2009 A possibility to increase the MTOW to the LSA limit 600 kg (1,320 lb).
SportStar 011a 09.06.2009 Introduction of a new periodical inspection after 3000 hours (SportStar).
SportStar 010b 17.02.2009 Matco parking brake installation.
SportStar 009b 09/2008 Installation Procedure to Reduce Nose Wheel Steering Sensitivity of the SportStar plus airplane.
Installation Instructions
SportStar 008b Rev. 1 16.08.2007 SportStar (SportStar plus) light sport airplanes equipped for night VFR operation.
Sportstar 007b 09.09.2006 Oil thermostat additional installation.
Sportstar 006b 27.12.2006 A possibility to increase the Maximum Takeoff Weight from original 550 kg (1,213 lb) to 575 kg (1,268 lb).
SportStar 006a 11.9.2008 Repear of canopy metal bushes.
Sportstar 005a 14.12.2006 Visual inspection of attachment of the hand control slide bearing brackets.
Sportstar 004a 03.01.2006 Lock of the wide tilting canopy installed on the SportStar airplanes and on some of the EV-97 airplanes (wide canopy is recognizable by guide pins at the canopy frame sides).
Sportstar 003a 02.12.2005 Airplanes with emergency rescue system - additional protection of the right front carrying strap against damage.
Sportstar 002a 03.10.2005 Ceck of clearance between cooling hose and exhaust manifold.
Sportstar 001a 08.04.2004 Elevator trim system of EV-97 and SportStar airplanes.
Not concerning to the aeroplanes with the electrical trim system.

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