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The future of GA (General Avaition) is inextricably linked to the dedicated pilot philanthropists who fund the initiatives of the AOPA Foundation, the philanthropic arm of AOPA.

Today’s aircraft owners and pilots face complex issues that threaten the very existence of general aviation in the United States. The AOPA Foundation was created to address a multitude of issues impacting GA — issues our supporters and members have identified as mission critical. Through your tax-deductible donations, the AOPA Foundation is able to fund efforts to address four key initiatives to ensure a bright future for GA:

  • Improving GA’s safety: Keeping Pilots Safe
  • Growing and nurturing the pilot population: Safeguarding the Future of GA
  • Preserving and improving community airports: Keeping Aviation Accessible and Affordable
  • Improving General Aviations Image: Fostering a Positive Public Image of GA

The times are challenging. Now is no time for fence sitting. Join your fellow pilots in supporting the critically important work of keeping pilots safe and safeguarding the future of GA.

Source: AOPA Website

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